Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I always start to get very sentimental when I'm going to have a baby. The memories are so strong around these times because these are the moments that define life! I've been reading back through my blog to when Elsie was born and goodness, we had a rough time. I didn't really realize it at the time but just a lot of things hit us at once. Abigail was terribly sick three days after Elsie was born and then a week later I had a terrible breast infection. Whew! I remember my temperature going from 102 to like 96. When it would swing low I would wake up and be completely sweat soaked and have to change my shirt before nursing the baby. Not fun times! I'm hoping the recovery period for this one will be a little easier! I can't believe I'm posting this because I feel extremely huge but I'm doing it for my memories! This baby feels huge and I feel huge. My belly button is painful today and it's never popped out before but I'm wondering if this might be the pregnancy for that! I also want to thank my friend, Jen, for lending me her support belt! It has been helping to relieve some of the heaviness but the pressure pain is still there. I will be incredibly surprised if this boy is under 8 pounds. Another weird thing about this pregnancy that I've never experienced before is the need to always have my legs shaved. It's getting very inconvenient as you can imagine. I simply cannot sleep if my legs aren't very cleanly shaved! Ha! Also . . . see my little girl in the picture? She's teething! I'm pretty sure her eye teeth are coming in. She was awake for a bit last night but wasn't really crying so I didn't give her anything. She's been pretty fussy this morning but we made it to nap time and I know this too shall pass. We had a breakthrough with her communication today. I've really been working on getting her to sign with me and say some words and she very clearly signed "all done" after breakfast and it sounded like she spoke the words too. That is awesome! The more communication the better! I also had to tell her "no no" to eating the dog food (to which my oldest child responded "Mama, you hurt Elsie's feelings"! Ugh! So much explaining to do.) and after she'd received a little hand slap for trying to eat some after I had said "no no" she looked up at me and repeated "no no". Okay, girls are asleep and I've probably done too much already this morning so it's bath and rest time for me. Andrew gets home this afternoon (praise be!!!) and my sister is coming to visit tomorrow. I'm SOOO excited!


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad it's helping a bit!

The Schenk Family said...

you look great and it is good for memory lane. Good luck to your belly button:)