Tuesday, April 06, 2010

This week . . .

This week will be very interesting - adventurous - what have you.

I had a teacher in high school that said "what have you" all the time and I cannot say it without thinking of her. Ah the legacy teachers leave. Ha!

Okay so I'm a little slap happy or what have you (ha!) at the moment.

Abigail started coughing yesterday afternoon. It made me nervous because that is exactly how her pneumonia started, just a dry cough. My mothers intuition told me that she was catching something. I wanted to be wrong. I desperately wanted to be overreacting and paranoid.

Such is not the case.

Abigail woke up at midnight coughing and crying and sounding "croupy" so Andrew took her into the bathroom for some steam. She slept fine the rest of the night.

No fever this morning but lots of coughing and a runny nose.

Oh . . . and Elsie is sneezy and a little thick throated as well. Not sounding croupy - thankfully.

Oh . . . did I mention that Andrew is leaving today at 1 pm for a business trip until late Thursday? Yeah! Hmm!

I am so lucky to have family in the area that is willing to help me. This just makes me think of all the single moms and all of the moms who have husbands who travel a lot more than mine. I am in awe of them! I'm seriously not cut out to be a single mom. I rely on my husband for so much. Even if I don't ask him to always get up with the kids or do things, just knowing he is available gives me such comfort!

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