Thursday, April 15, 2010

Car Blues

We have had a string of bad luck with our cars lately.

In September we purchased a Mazda van. The week after the purchase we replaced the water pump.

Four months later it was back in the shop because it was leaking antifreeze from the back heater.

It's in the shop again today because it just wouldn't hold antifreeze. The diagnosis: IT NEEDS A NEW WATER PUMP! Seriously! The mechanic said that it was just a bad part. Needless to say, this will be a free repair for us!

Then on Monday Andrew's truck broke down on his way home from work.

Diagnosis: Engine is shot (not exactly sure what that means).

Then on Tuesday Andrew ran out of gas while driving his Grandma's van. Thankfully that was an easy fix! :)

So we're shopping around for another car to replace Andrew's. We need something a bit more reliable since we have two "lemonish" cars.

Andrew is looking at several options, one is a Honda Fit (used, of course - since we'll be paying cash for it).

Have I mentioned that I HATE spending this much money. Really, I can't stomach it. It is one of the qualities that my husband loves most about me, I think.

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