Monday, April 05, 2010

Things I love . . .

I love . . .

taking walks with me girls. I get to look at and talk to my little sweetie and carry on a wonderful conversation with my toddler. After a 30 minute walk today, Abigail said "Mommy tired!" Ha! Pushing a double stroller on a walking path with hills is quite the workout!

spring thunderstorms and watching the rain from my front porch with my sweet girls.

being a mommy and being at home!

sunshine and peach tea!

a good book.


Easter. It might be my favorite "holiday". Being forgiven of our sins is the best thing I can think of to celebrate! (Christmas is very close - can't decide!)

my family. I'm going to be an auntie tomorrow and I'm so excited!

Here is a sneek peek of our Easter photos. Andrew didn't want me to "release" these until he had time to fix them in photoshop (mainly the backgrounds) but he's going on a business trip tomorrow (heaven help me!) and I can't wait anymore!

I had to put this one on here. Isn't this the sweetest picture of Daddy and Elsie Pie?! So precious!

This was the best one of the whole family. It's getting more difficult to get all to cooperate as they get older! :) I can see that I should have turned differently but we were using the camera remote. . . so we got what we got. Oh well!
I'll give an update on what happens with my sister and baby when I know something!

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