Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food Blogging

One of my most favorite things to do is to cook. Okay so it extends further than that. I love to cook, watch cookings shows, collect recipes, read food blogs (and on and on and on). Aren't you amazed that I've lost 26 pounds with all this food obsession! Ha!

So I do enjoy food and I was so very blessed to grow up in a home that put value on eating healthy whole foods. I haven't always done such a good job of cooking healthy in my own home but now that Abigail is eating what we eat, I am much more conscious of it. I was easily swayed by the temptation of convenience and am blessed now as a stay-at-home mom to be able to put more emphasis into what we eat.

We're certainly not perfect in the way we eat and I am hesitant to blog about this because many of our family and friends do better than we do but I figured that if there is just one person who can benefit from reading about the way we eat in our house, I might as well start to share.

So, with that in mind. . . I have no intentions of becoming a full out food blogger. I do not have the culinary or photography skills to do so but I will try to share the recipes we enjoy from time to time. Perhaps I'll even throw in a few pictures (just because those help me so much when reading other people's blogs!).

Now I have to step up my game and decide on the first recipe to share with you. Hopefully that will be coming soon!

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