Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This is the day . . .

that the Lord has made. I'm trying to keep that in mind!!

I gave Abigail her third dose of steroid syrup and motrin before her nap. She slept 1 1/2 hours and has seemed to perk up. Her breathing is the same. I'm just watching her now. Trying to decide if a trip to the hospital is in the future. Taking it minute by minute. This minute it does not seem like she needs to go - so we're at home. :)

My husband is here:

Alone . . . in a hotel room . . . then working the Lincoln Center. Why does that sound like a bit of heaven to me?

I keep telling myself that one cannot die of boredom and loneliness! :) Ha! I'm going to treat myself to some mexican for dinner (I think) if I can get enough guts to put the girls in the car to drive to pick it up. I'm a little gun shy of puke in the car after yesterday.

You know you're a veteran mom when you clean puke from a car seat, high chair, van seat, from in between your toes, off the kitchen floor, and out of your daughter's shoes all in one day.

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