Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We're home again! The diagnosis: Abigail has either bronchiolitis or viral pneumonia . . . again. Her poor breathing is so labored and sad. I just put her and Elsie to bed.

Please pray that we would have a good night - that just one of the girls would need me at a time so I can best meet their needs! Yikes!

Pray we don't need to make a trip to the hospital and that Abigail would sleep deeply and well so she will feel better tomorrow.

Pray that her stomach feels better soon. Poor girl has a sensitive stomach and throws up if she's sick. She needs to keep down her medicine for it to work!

Pray that Elsie would not catch whatever virus this is! I'm always very careful about swapping germs between the girls but I can't watch every minute. Elsie loves to put her hands in her mouth and Abigail loves to hold her hand.

Andrew . . . come home soon!!!! (I'm sure he's really itching to get home - ha ha!)

****I am so thankful to live close to Andrew's family. It is a source of great comfort to me that they are close enough to call in an emergency. I don't know how families do it when they don't live near the grandparents! I'm so spoiled!!*****

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