Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My head hurts . . . !

Abigail is prone to car sickness. We've known that for a while. I'm ALWAYS leery of driving her around. I always carry a puke bucket and usually a change of clothes.

I don't enjoy being paranoid but most of the time, it pays off.

This morning we had to return our final diaper trial (hallelujah!). About half way there Abigail starts to cough (sometimes a sign of throw up) and then hold her hands over her mouth which she's never done before. I handed her the bucket.

I instantly pull off the highway. I was able to catch her in the middle of losing her breakfast but instead of using the bucket she just held it and still threw up on herself. Not quite old enough to get it yet. Thankfully I had a change of clothes in the car.

Got her cleaned up and continued on our way.

Did the diaper trial thing (yahoo!!! no more diaper trial - and got paid $175) and headed back home.

Right as I am about to get on the highway she does it again . . . coughs and holds her hands over her mouth. Now . . . she had been drinking apple juice out of her sippy cup after the last "incident" so I wasn't terribly surprised to see her lose it all again.

I was debating with myself over whether or not she had a bug.

I didn't have any more clothes so she had to sit in her mess all the way home (poor girl).

I wonder how many times I will have to clean vomit from that car seat. Having my kid throw up in the car (in her carseat) is about my least favorite thing on this earth! Not such a big deal if I can catch it but I hate cleaning out the car seat.

She has had crackers and macaroni and cheese since being home and seems to be fine (knock on wood!).

I never thought I'd be the mother of such a carsick kid. Lord help me!! I'm just not cut out for this stuff.

P.S. I do not think she's ever thrown up in the car when Andrew was around. Perhaps that's why he thinks I'm paranoid!


Andrew said...

You know how you're always telling me that you drive more aggressively than I do?

....I'm just saying. :)

Jaime said...

I'm not going to argue with that. I just looked at some carsick message boards and almost everyone said that a smoother driver helps carsickness. I'll have to tone it down! Darn kids!

Jennifer said...

Hahahahaha!!! :)