Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is this what stay-at-home mom's do?

I'm enjoying spring! Is this what stay-at-home mom's do with their time?

Gardening: See my garden? My seeds haven't arrived yet but soon there will be lots of things growing.

Growing flowers: We finally mulched a bed in front of our house and I'm trying to keep the weeds out now as well as beautify with potted plants!

Hanging baskets: I looked and looked until I found something I loved! I hope I don't kill them!

My mini herb garden: I have already used it quite a bit!

Parenting an unhappy child (not all the time - mainly only when I'm taking pictures).

Parenting a happy child (not all the time - does love to have her picture taken!).

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Arielle said...

Sometimes we get to enjoy the spring! I am today. :0) Keep that beautiful hanging pot watered and it should be great for a long time. Blessings!