Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Shoot

Our friend Lisa came over tonight and took some terrific photos of the girls. The photo shoot was primarily for Elsie who, as the second child, has naturally not gotten as many photos taken of her.

We're trying to remedy that. Here is just a sample of what she took for us. There are quite a few more on Facebook. Blogger takes so long to upload photos, so I only put on three. I'll try to include more later.

Thankfully both girls were very sweet and cooperative.

Our sweet butterfly!

Adventurous Abigail!

Sisterly Love!
We got some great photos of the two of them together. We need more things on our walls so I forsee and very large picture of the two of them hanging in our living room very soon!
We are so blessed!


Jackie said...

You've got to be madly in love with these girls,these pictures turned out sooo good and Elsie is getting very big to sit up like she is for even a short time.
Thanks for putting them up here and facebook. You both are such good parents to them.

Jaime said...

Thanks, Jackie. I cannot get enough of them. Just last night Elsie needed to go to bed earlier and I felt sad that I would miss that small amount of time with her, even though I got to see her twice during the night. :)