Friday, January 08, 2010

Abigail talk!

I suppose I can start writing these since Abigail is talking more and more each day. She's not speaking in complete sentences (yet) but getting close.

She is just a little sponge, soaking up everything she hears! We are being very careful what we say and what we watch because we don't know what she'll pick up on.

For example, yesterday I happened to turn on the Price is Right while nursing Elsie. One of the "prizes" was a package of Milky Ways. The announcer just said it once and Abigail was then prancing around the room saying "Milky Way".

She also has been saying "dot com" over and over again. I guess she hears it enough on commercials on TV (although we don't watch that much TV) and through what her dad does that she has picked up on it. I'm sure she has no idea what it means.

Also, she has discovered the joy of reading her kids Bible. She can say "Bible" and yesterday, during her reading chatter, I heard her saying the words "Jesus" and "God" while reading the Bible. When you ask her who is in the Bible she says "Jesus". I can't believe she picked that up!

She is also learning many new food names. She now asks for "Oatmeal" (Sounds like Ohmall), "broccoli" (bahkey), "cookies" (don't freak out - they are really organic fig bars), etc. I can't even remember them all.

She also says "Oh my goodness" all the time and in very appropriate ways!

I'll try to post videos later today. I just wanted to get these written before I forget about them!


Laura said...

I love reading facebook statuses where people post conversations with their kids. It won't be long until we start getting more of those from you and Abigail! (Although if you post them here instead of Facebook, I will get the same amount of enjoyment from it.) She sounds like quite the chatterbox. So cute!

Jaime said...

She is starting to pick up so many things. Sometimes she says "eat dada" meaning she's telling her dad that she wants to eat. If I repeat it back to her, however, she cracks up when she realizes what she's said!