Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My poor girl. She was wild and crazy last night. I tried to get her to calm down by letting her watch a little TV before bed. She was climbing on all the furniture and running around. I sat on the floor to change Elsie's diaper and the next thing I heard was a big thud. Abigail had fallen off the arm of our chair and onto the hardwood floor.

At first she seemed fine and then I looked at her face. . .

I have no idea how she skinned her nose and lip with that fall. She must have hit her face on the floor. Ouch! The main problem today is that she's getting a cold and her nose has been running (buckets!) all day and so I have to keep wiping that sore nose. I'm trying to just blot it and get her to let me suck it out with the aspirator as much as possible.
My poor sweetie.
She's been asleep almost 2 1/2 hours so hopefully that will really help fight the cold. (and helps mama's sanity!)

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