Sunday, January 03, 2010

This week!

Before saying anything else, I want to clarify that we decided to put forth more effort (especially Andrew) and try to keep our dog. He got to sleep in the guest room last night and was fine. No barking or destroying anything. I got him a few things to chew on and a few treats. Hopefully as the girls get a little older and easier to manage, I'll be able to work with Dewey on a few of his bad habits. Also, when it's warmer I'm looking forward to walks with him and the girls. I'm hoping most of his issues are just a reaction to becoming 3rd in line for our attention and that he'll get used to Elsie soon (she's such a good baby it seems ridiculous that she could be causing him any strife!).

Today I was able to go shopping ALL BY MYSELF. I went to the outlet mall close to our house and got lots of clothes for Abigail and a pair of shoes for myself. It was fabulous!! I was only gone a little over an hour but it was very relaxing and nice. I had a few things to exchange so it was nice to get that done before the deadline and by myself! (I also showered by myself today - Halelujah!).

This week looks to be nice and quiet for me and the girls. I was thinking of signing Abigail up for story time at our library but it is going to be so cold that I think I will wait. I hate to HAVE to get out in the cold if it isn't absolutely necessary. Perhaps we'll get together with some friends in the area.

Andrew is teaching another class at Indiana Wesleyan University so this means that on Tuesdays (for 5 weeks) I'll be alone with the girls all day (he won't come home before his class). They won't get to see their daddy on Tuesdays. :( I may have to figure something out to save my sanity on those days like visiting people or doing a bit of shopping. We could Skype my parents a few times that day so I could talk to some adults. :) His class starts this Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that it's cold here?! It's hard to get out with two little girls, but especially hard when it's so cold. I can't wait till spring and summer when it won't take me 15 or 20 minutes to get everyone bundled up to go outside.

Anyway, if I don't get out on Tuesdays, it won't kill me (I keep telling myself that).

I'm starting to think about and plan Abigail's 2nd birthday party (it won't be extravagant or anything like that). Can you believe that our little miss will be 2-years old in a month?! Wow!

Here is a recent video of her. (Her cold is slowly improving. I'm so thankful that it stayed relatively minor. She never acted like she felt bad the whole time!). I have some habits that we really need to start doing with her (giving her cod oil once a day is one). Hopefully we can stay healthy for her birthday!

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