Monday, February 01, 2010

Busy Week! Reflections!

I have lots of deep thoughts to write about but very little time to put them into words, sentences, and paragrahs that make much sense to anyone else.

I am very sentimental around this time - remembering what I was doing two years ago. This was the day before I became a mother for the first time and boy, I had no idea! No idea the joy, love, challenges, growth that would occur when Abigail joined our family!

We faced another challenge this weekend. Andrew caught a nasty stomach bug this weekend and was laid up for the good part of a day. He's out of bed this morning but is still at home - taking his first ever sick day (for himself anyway - he's stayed home with Abigail before). Thankfully the rest of us have been spared - at least so far. Abigail woke up coughing last night and my heart pounded for a while, thinking it was a puke cough instead of a cold cough but she's just still struggling to overcome her cold. Yeah!

My family is coming in on Friday to help us celebrate Abigail's birthday and then the girls and I will be caravaning back to Kansas for a 2 week stay, mainly so the girls can visit my grandparents. My house is in need of a good decluttering (it's fairly clean because I tried to sanitize EVERYTHING yesterday) and I need to get organized in order to pack for the long trip.

So, that brings me to my next point. If you've read this far, I'm impressed! Anyway, I need suggestions of things my toddler can do in the car. We don't have a TV and I'd probably nix that anyway, due to Abigail's tendency towards car sickness. I want to get her a lap board so she can color or read books. Any other ideas? I'm kind of desperate!

I'm nervous about traveling with her that far. Mainly because yesterday she whined and cried about being in the car for the five minutes it took us to get to Andrew's grandma's house. Yikes! Maybe I need to bring my ear buds. We'll probably have others riding with us and so they can help with the entertaining a bit.

Okay, I'd better get to work. I have tons of dishes and laundry to do and I must scour both bathrooms. I'm planning on Lysol, a mask, and rubber gloves! Ha!


Dorinda said...

When I was little, Mom and Dad gave us a tape player and about 4-5 Music Machine/Psalty cassette tapes and then put color coded stickers on the tape player buttons so we knew which ones were "go" and "stop." We would listen to cassette tapes for hours...

Jennifer said...

Anna got a Crayola dry erase board for Christmas that is great. It has laminated pages you can insert and color on. I also keep a "toy box" in the van with several of their favorite toys. Lots of books for Anna and coloring books. If you can find a lap tray that fits over her car seat, that has been excellent for Anna. Not sure if there are any that fit a car seat--Anna's fits over her booster seat but not any of the car seats we have. Lots of snacks and extra drinks, too! We're seasoned travelers ;) But our DVD player has been an absolute life saver.

Jennifer said...

Anna was also given a magnetic wooden doll set last year for Christmas. If Abigail loves dolls as much as Anna, she might enjoy one of those. It keeps Anna very busy, even still, during church and trips. I have all of the stuff in a pencil box (was a baggie, but this works much better).

Jaime said...

Thanks for all the tips. I'm going to head out this morning and see if I can find some of your ideas. Maybe just some new stuff will work. Maybe my mom and dad will sit in the car and sing to her the whole 15 hour trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jaime, dad may sing to her the whole time. It is possible :)