Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well . . . we're here!

We made it to Kansas . . . . many hours later! :)

I will do a longer post when I'm not about to fall asleep at the computer. Our trip started off on a very interesting note. Not two hours into the trip, Abigail got car sick . . . all over her car seat and self. It was FREEZING outside so we had to get her cleaned up as best we could inside the car. Anyway, I need sleep so I'll write more later.

The important thing is that we made it.

We're looking forward to playing with kitties, spending time with family, and relaxing. We sure do miss Daddy, though (I miss my sweetie!). It about broke my heart when Abigail would say "go home". She was okay after we explained that we were going to Grandma RoRo's home.

Night all!


Susan said...

Andrew used to get car sick at that age and I also did as a young child. Sorry about that!

Jaime said...

Yeah, she seems to have that tendency. Her car seat was still stinky from her last car sick episode in December. We drugged her for the second 1/2 of the trip and will continue to do so until she's old enough to tell us she's about to throw up. We even had a bucket in the car but Uncle Brett wasn't fast enough to catch it and I was driving!