Friday, February 19, 2010

Kansas Cuties!

We are having a blast visiting my family! Here are a few highlights and new updates!

- We are enjoying getting to spend most mornings with my grandparents. After breakfast we load up in the van and go to their house (a mile away) and spend some time there). Abigail has had some major break-throughs. She is now petting the elk head and deer head that reside in my grandparents basement and she let my grandpa read her a book today.

Elsie is also enjoying time with her great grandparents. She always seems to be ready for a nap when we get there and I believe my grandma has rocked her to sleep 5 times now! She's getting so spoiled! :)

- Abigail's language has exploded. It definitely makes sense because she has four adults doting on her all day long. At home, it's just me and she definitely doesn't get as much attention. She's starting to talk in complete sentences and come up with some pretty funny things on her own. Here are a few examples.

  • Earlier this week my dad walked past her in the dining room and she said, "Papa, big tummy!" Hilarious!
  • Some of her sentences include, "Abi eat food too." and "Abi put the toys away."
  • She also LOVES my dad's cats and will call them by their "nicknames" including my dad's favorite cat, Puff Daddy, which he calls Puff Dads. It's pretty cute to hear Abigail say "Puff Dads".
  • She's constantly playing hide and seek. Not only does she want us to find her whole body when she hides but sometimes she'll hide her hands and say "hands go?"

- Elsie has really grown and changed a lot (it seems) in the past week as well. She has really struggled with sleep, though. Some nights I've been up 4 and 5 times feeding her. I have two suspicions as to why this may be happening.

1) She's falling asleep while nursing so I just think she's not getting a lot to eat.

and my other idea is that

3) my milk supply has dropped. I've been doing weight watchers for a month now. I read online yesterday that nursing mothers are supposed to really be careful with weight loss and not lose more than 1 lb a week. I guess it's bad that I've dropped 5 lbs since I got to Kansas (a week ago!). So yesterday and today I tried to eat a little more, but not so much that I'd gain it all back.

I'm still tracking everything but just trying to hit my points each day and not have 9+ left over, like I was doing. Poor Elsie! We'll get it figured out. She was only up twice last night so I felt remarkably well rested after being up 5x the night before! Yikes!

That's all for now. Andrew is coming out next Tuesday and then we'll head for home on Saturday (a week from tomorrow). We are certainly having a wonderful time here. I feel like if I had my husband and my bathtub, I could stay forever! :) It has certainly been nice to have a ratio of 4 adults to 2 kids, instead of the usual, which is just me with 2 kids! I've definitely been relaxing and able to do more fun things when others are around to entertain Abigail.

More another time. I have lots of pictures and videos that I'll try to put in a recap at some point.

Tomorrow is another big day. My Aunt Ronda, Uncle Dale, and Aunt Flo are coming to visit us! Yeah!


Jason and Emilee Munafo said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! Its fun to hear about your time with your family. It will be a trip to remember! Miss ya friend!

Jaime said...

I miss you too! I think about you, Jason, and miss Peyton often. I hope you guys are doing well. Will you be able to visit us anytime soon?