Friday, February 12, 2010

Women Drivers

I will post more about our actual driving experience but I wanted to write before I forget!

Not to brag but I have had so many people comment on my driving (in a good way) the past several months so I thought I'd write my own driving principles down.

I also must give credit where credit is due. I learned a lot of good driving techniques from my husband! :)

Anyway, here it goes.

Jaime's principles for driving in traffic.

1) Be calm.

2) Use your mirrors. Takes way less effort that looking behind you. I use my mirrors all the time - so I know when cars are coming up behind me - I don't just use them when I'm changing lanes or passing.

3) Don't follow too closely. If you stay back a reasonable distance, you won't need to slam on your breaks, you can pass more easily, and you won't cause traffic behind you to break unnecessarily.

I hope you've enjoyed my advice! :)


Anonymous said...

You are a good driver if I do say so myself. Compliment from your sister :)

Jaime said...

Ha ha! Thanks! :)