Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventures in Traveling

I never meant to go so long without writing. I guess that I'm taking advantage of all the free-time I have. I have read a book, am taking in lots of Olympics and cooking shows (my favorite!) and enjoying lots of family time.

Anyway . . .

The trip out here was full of adventure.

You know the beginning. . .

Two hours after starting our journey, Abigail got carsick. I pulled off at a bad spot (residential) because she was screaming and my brother couldn't stand the smell. We had no place to clean her up. It was FREEZING outside so I hopped in the back of the van to try to clean her up as good as I could. My parents (driving their suburban) caught up with us and my mom hopped in the drivers seat to drive us to a gas station.

Well, let's just say that on the way there we had to jump a snow bank in order to get on the right road. It was an adventure!

We got Abigail cleaned up in a very dirty gas station bathroom (yuck) and cleaned up the car seat as much as possible and continued on the way, with my mom riding in our car with a bucket . . . just in case (for Abigail).

She didn't get sick again, thankfully, but both girls were crying and fussy by the time we reaching Effingham, IL. so we decided to stop for the night.

I had been dreading spending the night in a hotel with the girls for a while. We've had BAD experiences with Abigail in the past so I wasn't sure what to expect but it wasn't terrible.

I think I figured out that I got up with both girls 5x that night. Abigail started crying at 11:30 pm and wanted food (thank goodness I travel with some) and Elsie needed fed several times. They both woke up early (6:45 am) because of the time change.

We decided that the best coarse of action would be to move Abigail's carseat to my parents vehicle so that someone could sit beside each girl and help them if necessary. This worked pretty well . . . except that it meant my mom ended up having to entertain Abigail the whole second day! Whew!

We didn't get here until about 9:30 pm and then Abigail was wound up. She kept saying "kitty cat" and chasing my parents cats everywhere! Crazy! She still loves them.

Since that time, things have calmed down somewhat. Elsie is still sleeping terribly! I'm not sure if she's growing, spoiled, bothered by her stuffy nose, etc. One night I got up 5x and last night I got up 3x with her. I might try a different sleeping arrangement tonight and see if that helps. Abigail was exactly Elsie's age when she slept through the night for the first time, so I'm expecting to have a little better sleep by this point.

Well, Elsie's hungry. More later!

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