Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail!

I will try to write my sweet daughter a birthday letter but for now I just want to wish her a wonderful birthday!

She ushered in the day with a coughing fit,a forceful tantrum over what she would wear today(what is she . . . 12?!!!) and the desire to put her pee and poo in the potty! :) She hasn't actually done that yet but it was the first thing she talked about! :)

Two years ago, I was enduring a painful labor and having no clue how my life would change when that little bundle joined our family! What a wonder, joy, and adventure (and many other things) that little girl is!

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ginabnina said...

Well, a Happy (Belated) Birthday to Little Abigail!!

(I didn't realize how close Abigail and Lily are in age. Lily will be 2 in May, and, for some reason, I always thought Abigail was quite a bit older. Hmmm...)