Monday, November 30, 2009

Still here . . . part 3

This is going to be short and sweet.

I have two reasons for that.

1) Elsie is asleep.

2) Abigail is asleep!

(Therefore, I should be sleeping!)

I'm alive. I ended up having to get my infected cyst drained (yuck) at the ER on Wednesday night. It had gotten significantly worse and I probably should have gone in sooner. Oh well. The draining itself was fairly tramatic, as the ER doctor pretty much did surgery on my left breast while I sat there and watched.

I'm fairly squeamish about these things too.

Elsie and Andrew were waiting for me in the lobby (they don't let kids into hospitals these days) so I was by myself for the procedure. After the drain was pulled on Friday afternoon, I began to feel much better.

The site is still very sore and hasn't healed yet but I don't have the stabbing pain or fevers that came with it before. The redness seems to be clearing up, although keeping a bandage on it is irritating my skin a bit. Oh well.

My apologies if there are tons of mistakes in this post. I am not taking the time to read over any of it because I need to be asleep!

Elsie is only sleeping in 2 (sometimes) to 3 hour stretches and this mommy is tired!

Here is a taste of the fun we've been having around here! :)

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Susan said...

Elsie looks like a little doll that Abigail is playing with!