Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh my! Part 2

Well, we are dealing with a pretty sick toddler at our place. She had a 100 degree temp when she got up and then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap (from 8 to 10 am). It was at 102.9 when she woke up. The main problem is that her doctor is not in on Thursdays and said they are also very busy tomorrow. Yikes! They suggested we get her checked at an Urgent Care, so we may be heading to one after lunch.

She feels miserable and has just been sleeping, not eating, and watching cartoons (which she rarely does) with Daddy this morning.

We are keeping the girls apart as much as possible. Elsie is staying upstairs today and if I have contact with Abigail, I'm trying to wash as thoroughly as possible before touching her.

My heart is hurting because I want to take care of both my girls but that's hard to do without spreading the germs. I'm so thankful that Andrew is home. Maybe we'll figure out what is up with Abigail later today.

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