Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Things were calm here today! My mother-in-law had Abigail most of the day, which really helped us to relax and sleep when needed! Thank you so much, Susan!

Here is a picture from today!

We had to have Elsie's jaundice levels checked today but the report back is that they are within normal range, so nothing needs to be done. That is wonderful news.
We had a very good day. Elsie had several awake periods where she just sat and looked around at us. So far (knock on wood) she seems to be a very mellow baby. She really doesn't fuss much, except when hungry, and has periods of time where she is just awake.
Abigail seems to be having a little challenge adjusting. She loves the baby and wants to hold and pat her but HATES it when the baby cries. She just howls herself, poor girl. I know she'll get used to it. She is cranky at some small stuff but this is a big adjustment for her.
Well, I'm going to go check on my little family now.
More later!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful--both of you!

Love, Mom

Mama M. said...

Came over from the BlogHer link! Aren't babies wonderous?!! Won't be long and she and her big sis will be howling together in an entirely different, having way too much fun, kind of way!! Congrats!