Sunday, November 08, 2009

Is it time?

This will be short and sweet, depending when/if another contraction hits. However, I just wanted to write this down, since I can.

I woke up with a mild contraction at 2:30 am. I decided just to try and wait it out in bed so I spent most of the night waking every 30 minutes to a contraction.

I finally got up at 7 am and took a bath. I woke Andrew at 7:45 am to get Abigail (she was awake) and to tell him that I was having some pain.

He made french toast for breakfast and fed Abigail.

They still aren't real close together but are fairly strong. We sent Abigail over to the grandparents because she gets a little freaked out when I have a contraction and I need Andrew to time them (otherwise I could go somewhere else).

We'll see what the day holds!

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Melanie said...

How exciting! I guess if she's born today instead of tomorrow, that would be okay too :) Today is Chuck's birthday so we're already celebrating today. However, if she waits until tomorrow, she will have been born on the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down--she'd be a historical baby. Go Nov. 9!! :) Thinking of you.