Monday, November 09, 2009

We're home

Jaime here:

We arrived home at 6:30 pm tonight. Elsie has already eaten twice and is sound asleep so I'm off to do the same. (I've already eaten as well). :)

Abigail is enthralled with her baby sister and wants to hold her hand, pat her, and hold her and gets very upset if she can't do that. We'll have to spend some time doing that tomorrow.

Elsie has to have her blood drawn again tomorrow to check her billirubin levels (jandice) because they think she might look a little jaundice. Hopefully all the eating (and subsequent pooping and peeing) will help her.

We'll post pictures, probably tomorrow, when things calm down a bit.


Anonymous said...

so glad you're home and doing well...looking forward to meeting her soon! Love, Carol

kbsi said...

Your cousin Laura was a little jaundiced when she was born. As I recall, her nurses placed her near a window where she could absorb a bit of daylight. That did the trick.

You have a beautiful new daughter!

Love, Uncle Doug

Anonymous said...

That is so cute that Abigail loves her baby sister! I can relate.