Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh my!

The day started out with Elsie's doctor check-up. I'm happy to report that everything looks great. Her jaundice levels are fine, she is gaining weight back, and everything else checked out. We had a nice relaxing day at home following the appointment.

However, Abigail has been quite whiny and clingy and she felt just slightly hot to me tonight when I put her to bed so I took her temp. It was around 102. Yikes! She has been battling this cough/cold for a long while now. It's sad to say this but I hope it's just an ear infection or some other sort of infection and that she doesn't have a new bug. Poor girl.

We were hoping for a quiet day at home tomorrow but if Abigail wakes with a fever tomorrow, we may be making a run to see her doctor.

I am praying tonight that this is something very minor (maybe she'll wake up fine) and that if it is a bug, it stays away from our new little 3 day-old bug - Elsie. That wouldn't be good. She seems to have been slightly out - of - sorts for a few days now, with weird naps and a bit clingier, so she may have been running a slight fever for a while.

Well, I've got a sleeping baby in my chest and so I'm going to try to turn in early and get a bit more rest tonight. Elsie was up every hour or two last night so I'm hoping for a few good stretches tonight.


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