Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Home, home!

This feels like my first week to actually be home with the girls. With family in town, Andrew home, and lots of help before (and not able to do much), I didn't really feel like I was at home with them until now.

It's going great! We've had an occasional moment with Abigail and a whiny attitude but they are pretty much centered around food and/or nap time. Over all, we've been having a great time. I have even managed to get a shower or bath taken each morning! As long as I get Elsie to sleep and closed in her room (safe and sound where big sister can't play too roughly) then I am able to get ready.

Abigail is fascinated by me taking a bath. I usually have a little observer running in and out of the bathroom telling me that she's watching the Happy Cows (which she isn't really, she's in the bathroom), that I'm reading a book, that I'm taking a bath, that I need more water, etc. It's quite funny.

If I am able to get ready in the mornings, then I can use nap time (Abigail's nap time that is) for other things, like napping myself . . . or blogging, which is what I am doing now.

Eventually, when Elsie starts to sleep better/more/etc, I will probably try to get up and ready before Abigail wakes up. That might not be for a while yet, however.

Now, if I'm able to pull off getting all our Christmas shopping done before Christmas, we'll be good to go!

Here are some photos!


Anonymous said...

Abigail looks cute, but I look like a scare crow. Very funny, Jaime :)

Anonymous said...

Abigail looks cute, but I look like a scare crow! You always knew how to catch me at my best :)

Jaime said...

I don't think I took that picture. :)