Friday, December 04, 2009

Dearest Elsie Pie

Dear Sweet Elsie,

When your sister was born, she used to get letters from me all the time. However, mama is busy with two girls (and still recovering from all this) so this will be my first letter to you. Sorry for the delay!

I am so thankful that we named you what we did because it is so fitting! Elsie means "my God is bountiful" and indeed He is! He has brought overwhelming Joy (your middle name) to our life these past three weeks.

He is bountiful in so many ways and I want you to know that. I can see His mighty hand in our lives since you've been born. First of all, your birth was amazing (I'll post a birth story later). When you came home from the hospital, God protected you and provided healing for your sister so that you did not catch her bug.

God is bountiful in that He provided a way for us to be well cared for when I wasn't feeling well with my infection by allowing Grandma RoRo to be here. He provided a way for me to continue breastfeeding you and protected you from coming in contact with anything that would make you sick.

You light up our lives and bring us such joy. We can hear the joy that you bring to your sister when she says, "Elsie Pie". Our greatest desire for you is to know the joy of salvation that is only available through knowing Christ. That is our mission to you as parents, to guide you to know that sweet saving grace.

Last spring we were surprised to learn that you would be joining our family and I must say that was one of the greatest surprises of my lifetime (if not the greatest because we were planning for your sister).

I don't think words can properly express what a wonder you are to me and how much love you have brought into our little family.

I'll love you for always,

Your Mama!

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Love, Mom (Grandma RoRo)