Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Crazy!

Well, I still haven't taken the time to upload pictures or video from Christmas.

I took the time to sanitize my kitchen sink, counter, and fridge today. It was nice to get all that clean!

Abigail seems to have picked up another cold. I was just thinking how wonderful it has been that she's been healthy for six whole weeks now! A record! This cold doesn't seem to serious. Hopefully it won't develop into anything else. She's been playing and eating and drinking normally so hopefully she'll fight it off quickly (and NOT pass it to her sister!).

I feel like I'm on vacation this week since Andrew is off work. I made it to the Library by myself today. So nice! I'm hoping to make a JcPenney run later in the week (he has to work on Wednesday).

The most exciting thing around these parts is our new TV and Blue-Ray player. We bought ourselves a new flat-screen TV with some Christmas money and decided to get a Blue-Ray player since we can now play high-definition things. We were also thrilled to discover that our Blue-Ray player also can stream videos from Netflix, Blockbuster, and You Tube (it is hooked up to the internet connection in our house)!!!! Hello HOURS of entertainment for Abigail with the Happy Cow Commercials and Elmo videos on You Tube.

Actually, I'm only kidding. I really try to limit Abigail's TV watching to when it is only necessary (like when I'm in the shower) but it is nice to be able to watch those downstairs. I let her watch the ABC song with Elmo twice today. She was thrilled!

Also the TV streams Pandora Internet Radio. If you haven't heard of this, you're missing out. Andrew listens to it all the time anyway but it's nice to play it over our sterio system.

We're living it up! :)

That's all for now folks. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so lazy and actually get some pictures and video on here!

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