Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Day

What a different day we have had! We have had a wonderful day! I have a happy, bouncing, agreeable, loving, obedient (mostly) toddler today.

She didn't listen a few times when it came to the computer but after some correction, I think she got the message.

We had fun reading, singing, dancing, cleaning, and just hanging out today.

What a difference a day makes!

I also must add how thankful I am for my sweet baby, Elsie. Seriously, the child is a dream! She cries when she's hungry and occasionally cries when she's overly tired and can't settle down but other than that ... nothing! She's laying on my bed at the moment, wide awake and cooing to herself.

I think the Lord knew that I couldn't handle a high needs child and while I may regret saying this, at this point she seems to be pretty laid back and mellow!

I am so blessed with my wonderful family . . . husband and two beautiful girls. I do feel blessed . . . even during the tantrums! :)

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