Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're back in Ohio

We're back at work today after traveling home from Kansas yesterday. We started out by having a lovely breakfast with two of our good friends from Sterling (yeah for the Lightners). They had mercy on me and helped us pick out some of the paint colors for the house. They are talented in that way, and I am not! So we have most everything decided on that.

The drywall guy is going to start mudding this afternoon or tomorrow. We are waiting on the heaters at the moment. Since we don't have our HVAC unit hooked up yet (that's a different story), we have to bring in propane heaters so that the drywall mud won't crack and pull the seams apart. This process will probably take a week or two to complete. After that is dry, we will be ready to paint, and then finish trim, electrical, and flooring. We are debating how much of this we should do ourselves. We are trying to hurry, since we are paying interest only until we officially "close" on our loan, and the interest rate is pretty high.

I'll try to post Chicago, new house, and Christmas pictures on here when I find my computer and the time to do it.

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