Friday, December 22, 2006

All I want for Christmas. . . .

I'm getting what I really want for Christmas . . . drywall in my house. They started today! Hooray! I'm on my way over there to take a look at what they've done and possibly take some pictures. We are headed to Kansas tonight, so we'll have to get pictures now, or when it's done.

I'm so blessed to work where I do. I not only have a positive work environment, and good benefits, but the congregation is so friendly and appreciative. Let me list for you, the gifts I've received this Christmas: a bag of cookies, a box of candy canes, a devotional book, a stationary set, a bag of chocolates, a box of ESTHER PRICE chocolates (I just ate one), a nativity wall hanging, a Santa ornament, a CD, a scripture ornament, and a very yummy pecan butter coffee cake.

Merry Christmas a little early!

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