Friday, December 01, 2006

No Inspections

No inspections yet. Andrew talked to the electrical inspector on Thursday morning and discovered some things he's got to fix. We are having our official electrical inspection on Monday. I will be in Chicago (yeah, yeah, yeah), weather permitting, visiting my sister. I can't wait, if you couldn't tell. I'm taking mega bus and my ticket was under $25. I had to change it once, so that made it cost a bit more. :) I would so move to Chicago, if Andrew would go with me. I wonder how I love going to the city so much, and Andrew loves going to the country. It's a mystery. Anyway, I heard some fantastic lyrics today (Big Daddy Weave). They really hit the point of what we've been hearing about in church lately. Enjoy!

I try to hold my own life in my own hand

Frustration sets in, thought I had this

Failure is the one thing that I can’t stand

Oh, You remind me that taking care of me

Was never in my job description.

Oh, now I’m finding You want to fix it all

You’re just waiting for permission

I’m giving up, I’m letting go

Of everything that I’ve held onto

I’m giving up, I’m letting go

Of everything that I’ve let hold me

Far too long (for so long)

Lord I know I need to give

You full control

Help me give up and let go

I want to trust You with my whole heart

Not lean on what I think I understand

And even when I can’t see Jesus, help me still to believe

You’re unveiling an unfailing plan

Oh, but sometimes the old me creeps back in

Oh, and the only thing I know to do is give it all to You again

Help me give up, help me let go Help me give it all to You

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