Thursday, December 14, 2006

We failed again!

I'm back at work today. I came in for a few hours yesterday but felt terrible, so I went to the doctor and then home. I have a sinus infection. It made it in today by about 11:00 am and feel a bit better than yesterday but I probably won't stay the whole day long. My head is pounding.

We've had a terrible mess with the house. First of all, the county called Andrew and our UBI office to say that we never had a foundation inspection. This is true. . . because I called the county before we backfilled and a lady there told me that "you only have to have an inspection if it's a walk-out basement." Well, now they are saying that we'll have to dig up one little corner so they can inspect it. This stinks, it really does. The inspector also found three things that he thought we should fix with the framing. Two of them don't make sense to us, so we'll need to get that figured out. This whole things just makes me dislike the government even more! Anyway, I'm sort of foggy headed right now, so I can't explain everything that we have to fix. The inspector said to go ahead and insulate but we can't get that inspected until we pass the framing inspection. So, we have insulation being installed right now, but we can't move past that until we get several things taken care of.

All for now!

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