Thursday, October 06, 2005

News from the Church

I received an email from the Wyoming church yesterday afternoon stating that the session of the church had yet to meet but the personnel committee was recommending another guy for the CE position. So therefore, not me. I spent last night being sort of disappointed because it would have been a great opportunity for me but I know that there is a very good reason that I didn't get the job. I do have my moments of enjoying working and living in Sterling. I enjoy being able to go to the college activities such as football, theatre, music and I enjoy being friends with many of the students who I used to go to school with. I also have some great friends that are faculty and staff here. I just have a desire to get out and experience more of the world (United States) than just central Kansas. I'm sure some of you can identify. But I am content with the decision of the church. I emailed them back and asked them if they could let me know the reasons for their decision. Andrew jokingly said they didn't hire me because of him but I am sure that the other candidate was older and had more experience. That is another frustration of mine. How am I supposed to get experience if I can't get a job? Anyway, I am relieved to say that I can finally put this post up. It has been a long time coming and I finally feel relieved that I don't have to wait anymore (for now). I will begin to look around at other places now.

A cold snap has come to Sterling. It went from 90 degrees a few days ago to the 50's and 60's today. Brrr! It seems a bit cruel like we didn't have a chance to get used to the cold weather. Ah, well. I enjoyed a cup of warm tea for breakfast so that is always a nice perk of the cold season. I hope you all are warm and cozy.

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Laura W. said...

I'm sorry about the church job. I was really hoping you would get that. I understand your desire to get out of Kansas for a while. I feel like that sometimes too. But a better opportunity will come along. You will see.