Friday, July 07, 2006

Neat Ministry . . .

After I finished with May Festival, I felt like I should get involved with something. I didn't really want something that was too time consuming with our house project and all, but I really did want to make a difference. I signed up to be a Pen Pal with Prison Fellowship, a Christian organization. I wrote my first letter last month and have corresponded twice now with my pen pal who is a prisoner. There have already been avenues opening up for me to share my faith. This is a neat ministry and many more people are needed to do this simple task. It is really just writing about one letter every two weeks. If you live in the area, I would be glad to mail and receive your letters from my "safe location" (my work place), as they recommend that you don't use your home address. I will include the link below if you are interested. It has really been a neat experience for me already. Feel free to ask me about it or read the letters I have received. I don't mind!

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