Monday, July 31, 2006

Assertive Quiz

Lately, I have been working on being more assertive. I found a definition of assertive and it means to stand up for your own rights while being sensitive to the feelings of others. So, I found this assertiveness quiz. I will post it below. The answers can be found in the comments on this post. Please post your results.

Assertiveness Quiz (Answer Yes or No)
1. Do you buy things you do not want because you are afraid to say no to the salesperson?
2. When you do not understand the meaning of a word, do you ask about it?
3. Do you feel responsible when things go wrong, even if it is not your fault?
4. Do you look directly at others when you talk to them?
5. Do people often ask you to speak more loudly in order to be heard?
6. Do you feel intimidated by people in authority?
7. Do you generally have good posture?
8. Do you often feel so angry you could scream?
9. Do you know how to ask for help without feeling dependent?
10. If someone cuts in front of you in a line, do you usually tell them off?
1. The assertive person is not afraid to say no. She or he feels free to make choices.
2. The assertive person takes responsibility for getting his or her needs met. Fear of seeming ignorant does not prevent the assertive person from asking questions.
3. The assertive person takes responsibility for his or her own behavior but does not take responsibility for the behavior of others or for situations which are beyond his or her control. To feel responsible for things beyond your control leads to unnecessary feelings of guilt.
4. Direct eye contact is assertive and suggests sincerity, self-confidence and the expectation that others will listen.
5. An assertive person wants to be heard.
6. An assertive person does not allow status to intimidate him or her.
7. Good posture communicates a positive self-image. When posture is limited by a disability, good eye contact and facial expression can be used to express a positive self-image.
8. The assertive person works to get his or her needs met and does not let situations build to the point of crisis.
9. The assertive person is able to ask for help without feeling dependent because he or she maintains a strong sense of self worth and self-respect.
10. Telling someone off is an angry, aggressive response The assertive person would state that he or she is irritated by the unfairness and ask the person to move to the end of the line.


Jaime said...

Correct Answers for
Assertive Responses

1. No 6. No

2. Yes 7. Yes

3. No 8. No

4. Yes 9. Yes

5. No 10. No

Jaime said...

My answers:

1) No
2) No
3) No
4) Yes
5) No
6) No
7) Yes
8) No
9) No

Susan said...

I had 8 of 10 correct for assertive also.

Jaime said...

Hmm, I think you are more assertive than I am. We missed you at lunch on Sunday! You should ask Carol about it (or anyone for that matter)!