Monday, September 20, 2010

Sleep, Elsie, Sleep

Dearest Elsie Pie,

My sweet, sweet, Darling. I love you more than I can say. Having said that, I hate to tell you but some sleep training is coming at ya, my dear. I have put it off for far too long. I have babied you and rocked you and nursed you all night long. You're 10 going on 11 months old. You SHOULD be able to sleep longer than 4 or 5 hours without mommy.

Darling, it's not your fault (entirely) but I'm tired - extremely tired - more tired than I can EVER remember being before. So . . . I need you to sleep.

If you're sick or hurting, mommy will always be there for you and will be glad to see you at midnight, 4 am, and 6 am. Whatever. However, if your well and healthy, my darling - you need to sleep.


Your daddy is getting frustrated because he does not comprehend mommy logic (a.k.a. - it's faster to nurse her than to let her cry for hours - and "she might need me"). It's not his fault - he simply doesn't understand mommy and baby logic.


He's right. You're old enough (WAAAY older than your sis) to be sleeping better.

I love you more than anything my sweet-cheeked happy girl.
Please sleep.


Mama M. said...

Clicked over from BlogHer...what an adorable babe you have!

Funny, how our mommy logic works, isn't it? Who cares if we're instilling horrible sleep habits in our children, it's all about survival sometimes, and sometimes survival means recognizing that it's so much easier to just pick up a babe and nurse her all night...'cuz then at least both mom and babe are sleeping, right?!!

Good luck...we had to do the cry it out thing at some point with most of our kiddos...thankfully, they survive. And they even still love us!!

Jaime said...

Ah, thanks! My husband does NOT understand. He says it doesn't make sense and I told him that I know it doesn't. :)

Anonymous said...

If you discover anything that works, please let me know...we're in the same boat as you.

Jaime said...

Yeah, I know something that works. It hard (on the parents) and takes a long time. . . . not feeding in the night. I need to step up my game and do it!