Friday, September 17, 2010

Evening . . .sweet evening!

I have noticed a pattern in my "morning" sickness this past week.

Mornings = really really bad!! Ugh! Really bad. I can hardly make breakfast - bad.
Mid Mornings = really bad!
Lunch = pretty bad! Nothing sounds good but I can at least cook something for us to eat.
Mid afternoon = bad! as long as I have a protein or decent snack, I can start to feel better.
Supper = okay. If I have to cook it's another matter. I'm not jiving with the cooking right now which is so not like me.
After supper = decent.
7 pm = ah, I feel a bit normal. Of course, smells overwhelm me but as long as I'm in a neutral zone, I'm okay!

I love 7 pm!

Wake up and do it all again!

(I don't remember it being this bad with my other two. Perhaps that means it's a boy. Perhaps I just blocked out the memory! I know that I threw up more when pregnant with Abigail but then I'd feel better.)

P.S. Sorry to complain! I'm thankful for many things . . . especially the evening.


Arielle said...

Boy oh boy...?!

Jaime said...