Saturday, September 11, 2010

Addressing Canola

Okay, so I have gotten a few questions about Canola Oil since my last post, so . . . let me explain. Or at least try to guide you to where you can find answers.

I started out not using Canola Oil about a year ago when my mother said to me "Don't use Canola Oil". Now . . . do I do everything that my mother tells me to? Sorry Mom, but no. However, she's a smart lady and when it comes to health issues, the woman does her research.

Here are a few of the sites with information that I have found (and there are opposing views, of course):

Here is more info directly related to Saturated Fat (which is not actually what makes us fat. . . did you know that?).

Especially check out the last one!! :)

Having listed all those links for you to view yourself, I also want to say . . . feel free to use Canola Oil in your own homes. I am not one to tell other people what to do (it's the people-pleaser in me). If you think it's good and good for you- go for it.

As for me though . . .

I just don't trust "new" and "refined" oils from plants that I am unfamiliar with (see information above). I have never tasted or noticed a difference in my baking or cooking by not using Canola so we will continue to avoid it. I also don't view Saturated or Animal Fat as an enemy. People ate that way for generations and didn't have the obesity epidemic that we have now.

I'm just sayin. . . :)

Hopefully that cleared things up - at least as far as wondering why we don't use Canola Oil. If you have other questions please email me (

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