Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Elsie @ 9 months

So . . . Elsie is technically almost 10 months (tomorrow!!!) but we are two busy parents with two busy kids so we finally got around to taking Elsie's 9 month pictures yesterday.

I apologize in advance . . . these were taken with a very wrinkly background in our basement and have not yet been edited. Photoshop can do amazing things. You're getting the raw picture.

Here it goes:

Our sweet darling girl

Who loves to crawl

Elsie's sweet darling sister who wanted in on the photoshoot. Nevermind that she didn't have any pants on so you can see her pull-ups.

Mama and her girls (again would be a great shot except for my pant-less child).

Sisterly love. You can kind of see Abigail's nose in this picture. She fell while doing push-ups (what can I say, the child loves to exercise) and scraped her nose.

Dear Elsie,
You are a sweet, loving, and fun little girl and . . . you are growing up way too fast! We love you very much and despite wanting to keep you a little baby forever, I am also excited about seeing you grow into a little lady. Your sweetness and joy will take you far, my darling. Always remember that you have a very proud mommy, daddy, and perhaps and even more proud big sister (if that is possible).
Your Mommy


Anonymous said...

Those are some very cute pictures of my granddaughters. Maybe Photo Shop can put some pants on Abigail!

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

Maybe!! :) I think they would still look funny. I didn't even think about her being pantless when we were taking those.