Thursday, September 30, 2010

Abigail "isms"

My daughter has such a sweet and tender heart. She also says lots of funny things. I want to share some and record them here so I can remember them in the future.

- I have been a bit extra emotional lately - you know, pregnancy, breastfeeding, feeling like crud, etc. Abigail found me teary-eyed in the kitchen one day and said to me, "Mama, it'll be okay. I'll bring you a Kleenex." And proceeded to bring me a used one from the other room. It was so sweet anyway.

- Another emotional moment: I was crying earlier this evening because Abigail had given me a good bonk on the nose. Still hurts now (I don't think it's broken). Anyway tears were running down my face as the pain was seering through my nose and Abigail said, "Here Mama, I will sing you a song and you'll feel better." She proceeded to do so and I made myself stop crying. She came over and said, "See Mama? You're all better."

- She always wants to know who bought something for her. Today she asked me "Mama, who bought me these shoes?" When I replied that I had, indeed, bought the shoes she was inquiring about she said "Mama, YOU bought me these shoes. I LOVE these shoes." Ha!

- We were at my in-law's today and I put Abigail on the potty before her nap (in their downstairs bathroom). My mother-in-law has a bird house with one (or two, can't remember) birds hanging from it. Abigail pointed to it and said "Mama, that bird's mad." Ha! It was pretty funny because the bird does have somewhat of a scowl.

That's all I can remember for now. I need to write this more often, I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Grandma RoRo loves those sweet stories. I'm glad Abigail has a tender heart.

Love, Mom