Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparents . . .

Yesterday was Grandparents Day - for those of you who didn't know. If I had my act together I would have had lovely cards and flowers ready for each of these important people but well . . . I didn't. Shame on me!

However, I want to acknowledge all of the wonderful grandparents in our lives. We are blessed with grandparents (not only ours but our kids' as well) that are loving, supportive, and always willing to lend a hand.

Grandparents are so important in our family! So let me introduce you to some of the best grandparents that this world has ever known! :)

(in no particular order . . . this was just how the pictures loaded up).

My mom with her granddaughter, Abigail. February 2010

Andrew's Grandma Myers with Great-Granddaughter Abigail in February 2009.

My Grandma Helen with Great-Granddaughter Elsie in August 2010.

My dad with his grandbabies, Isaac and Elsie.

My Grandma Fairchild with Great-Granddaughter Elsie August 2010.

My mother-in-law Susan with Granddaughter Elsie in April 2010.

My father-in-law (sorry you can't see his face very well but this picture shows him adoring Elsie) Wayne with Granddaughter Elsie.

Andrew's Grandpa Schechter and dad with Abigail in Spring of 2009.

Andrew's Grandma Schechter with Great-Granddaughter Abigail in Spring 2009.

Are we blessed or what?!
Thanks to all these wonderful people for loving and caring for us!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jaime. Your tribute was very nice. Don't feel guilty for not sending cards and flowers! I've always thought Grandparents' Day was thought up by Hallmark in order to sell more cards. You show your appreciation often enough.

Love, Mom