Friday, September 03, 2010

Is it time?

I've been struggling with a decision lately. I am trying to decide whether to cancel my online weight watchers membership. I've never gone to a meeting. I have just done their online program. I just can't quite let go!

Officially I have lost 31.6 pounds. That's just okay in my books. I have another 19 to go before I would really be satisfied.

Still, I haven't lost any weight - or significant weight in months.

Also, without going into detail, we could really use the $18 back in our budget every month. New medical bills are coming due, kids need things, etc.

Also, I have copied most of the information from the site (all my weight tracking, recipes, some points calculations, etc) so I think I can keep going on my own.

Also, I went 2.5 weeks without tracking during my vacation and only gained a very negligible amount. Seems that my eating habits have changed somewhat.

Also, I would still track my weight every Monday. If it starts going up, I'd just join again. Seems easy, right?

Okay, I've talked myself into it. Maybe in the next few days I'll cancel!!


I feel like I'm losing a big safety net!

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Kim said...

Congrats on your weight loss! It sounds like you are doing it pretty much on your own anyway since you're not going to meetings, etc. I do think weighing regularly is key, as is exercise. I have been yo-yoing all my life since high school and when I let go of either of those key components, that's when I get in trouble. And you're right: If dropping the membership doesn't work for you, you can always join again. On the other hand: If you think WW helps you, $18 a month is worth it for a healthier you. Again, great job! Just my two cents ...