Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Bed Time!

I think it's finally time for Abigail to move into a big girl bed!!

I convinced Andrew, when we were expecting Elsie, that if we were going to move our darling girl to another floor of the house, she still needed to be in a crib - contained!

He agreed and we have two cribs. I guess that's a good thing now - eh?! :)

She's not climbing out or acting upset at being in a crib. In fact she loves her bed. The reason we've waited so long is . . . why mess with a good thing! The child is a champion sleeper - even when she's sick.

So, why are we doing it now?! Well, it is getting more and more difficult for me to lift her into that crib. I usually have a baby in my arms during the process and this is only going to get harder in the next few months.

Plus, I really think she's ready. She's going on 3, knows her whole alphabet, is pretty obedient (even if she sometimes obeys slowly!), is almost 100% potty trained, etc.

She's a big girl now so I believe this weekend will bring about the moving of the toddler bed from the basement to her room. Now . . . where do we put the crib?

(No, they don't sleep together. They were just playing in Abigail's crib one morning).


Jennifer said...

Good luck. Not to put a damper on things, but Anna used to sleep for 12-14 hrs. until we moved her to a big girl bed :( She was also only 2, but we didn't have a choice with Jacob coming along (not enough room for 2 cribs since they have to share a room). It was a lot bigger transition than I thought it would be for her, but we made it through. Barely! ;)

Jaime said...

Good to know. I think we'll leave her crib in the room just in case it doesn't work out.