Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Ok, so I attended my first "regular" rehearsal with the May Festival Chorus last night. It was . . . long! It lasted three hours. It would have been more pleasant if the drive hadn't been so rough. It was raining and foggy on the way down and snowy on the way back. I made it. I have definitely hosted thoughts of quitting the chorus. It just feels like I have taken on too much too fast. I can't quit my job, I don't want to quit Sunday School, so the choir seems like the logical choice. Andrew has encouraged me to stick it out. Whenever I am not singing, I feel as if I am wasting my gift and the many years I have spent training. I will stick it out until May and then see if I want to re-audition! Anyone know where I can get a very comfortable pair of shoes to stand in for hours but also look pretty? I am going to look at Steinmart this weekend.

The title of my blog has to do with a word we are singing in one of the pieces in MFC. It is an old fashioned term for Mafia or someone who swindles large sums of money illegally. I just thought it was amusing. We are having a bit of a snow storm here. It's nice to have winter weather!

I need to find that delicate balance between being too busy (which, I believe is NOT God's will for us) and being productive. I believe I am pushing too busy, which I don't like. My point is that we are made for relationships! When our "busy" actions (doing all this stuff to get "ahead") take more priority than spending time cultivating our relationships (God, family, and friends), then there is something wrong. That is what I want to avoid.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more - I firmly believe that God does not want us to be too busy, but yes, be productive. I believe that He made us to encourage each other with love and honesty - to make this world a better place for all humanity and I believe that He has commissioned us to take care of the planet. Those two tasks are our great commission in my opinion....anyway - that being said - if you feel that God is telling you to keep singing until May, I think that would be wonderful. Also remember Middletown has some good singing opportunities too, so you won't have to drive as glad you love work and church and I hope you are making new friends...good luck in your hunt for shoes -don't forget Kohl's too and I think there is a place called DSW? Take care, Jaime!! Love, Linda PS I miss winter weather!!