Monday, August 02, 2010

Wonderful Tribute pt. 1

We're in Kansas visiting my family and having a great time.

I just wanted to reflect a little on my Grandpa's memorial service. It was really very nice. One of the highlights (for me) was a poem read by my dad's cousin, Marc that my sister had written for my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary . . . 10 years ago.

Here is the poem:

If you'd let me paint a picture with words today,
I'd tell you how blessed I've been every day.
Since I was born - from my first day -
My grandparents have lived a mile away.

And ever since then, they haven't been far,
Whether cheering at my games or fixing my car.
I've never been to a daycare, you see,
'Cause Grandma could always babysit me.

When Mom and Dad were gone, Grandma would be there
To stay with me and play with me and let me do her hair.

Now Grandpa, he works on the farm and never will retire,
And yes, some days the cows are out, and the wheat - it could be drier.
But one thing I could count on, come wind, hail, or fire
Is that Grandpa'd always stop his work to fix my leaky tire.

And when I stayed at their house and couldn't sleep at night.
I'd wake one of them up and everything would be alright.

I've run in many track meets and played in many games,
But honestly at my age now, they've all become the same.
One thing I will remember more than the loss or win
Is having my family in the stands - time and time again.

And for Easter sunrise services, Grandpa'd always pick me up.
He'd wrap me in a blanket and we'd watch the sun come up.
Shopping trips with Grandma aren't that easy to forget.
We bought so many cltohes and not many didn't fit.

A time I still remember well happened fairly long ago.
I sat in church and heard a hymn and wondered who would know.
I wondered if the words were true and who better to ask
Than my own Grandpa and Grandma who'd lived through so much past.

I heard the words to this old hymn and asked if they were true.
When Grandpa replied, "Yes, Honey, they are," it was then for sure I knew.
This gave me confidence and hope that the Christian life was true
And made me realize how many blessingsI could look forward to.

Describing my grandparents in this poem on this stage
Is like trying to write a doctoral thesis in a page.
But even so, they need to know what I've found to be true -
"Each day is like heaven, my heart overflows.
The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows."

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Kim said...

I agree. It was really special to include this wonderful tribute. What wonderful memories all of you have! Blessings to you all as you continue the grieving process. Glad you can be together for a little while.