Monday, August 30, 2010

Those days . . .

Here is your honesty for the day . . .

It has just been one of those days around here.

My toddler scraped her tummy putting away a toy this morning.

She now has the cold. For her, colds have the potential to be more serious. She is coughing and wheezing now (while the other two have recovered). She even vomited today from coughing. She also felt the need to lunge towards me and her nursing sister while vomiting today. It wasn't a pretty scene.

She is coughing in her sleep at the moment. Ugh!

I have had two or three very motivated weeks. The house has been kept clean, I've worked a lot, etc.

This week however . . . I feel like it's pointless to do stuff that's only going to get messy again in a few hours time. I usually can't stand to be in my room during the day if the bed isn't made (my office is in here). Hmm, not today.

Not sure what I need to get a little spring back in my step. I suppose everyone being healthy would help. Or perhaps a whole night's sleep. I haven't had that in a few months now. I'm also sure that a nice sugary ice coffee would also do the trick.

Alas, we do not keep coffee in this house - for that very reason.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!

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Anonymous said...

oh, the ups and downs of motherhood...I can tell you the memory of the great times far outweighs the bad ones....that doesn't help when you are exhausted! praying for a good nights sleep for all...