Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trip 2010: Kansas Time

We stopped at my parents for a week after our little Colorado vacation. I am so glad we had this time with my parents, brother, and grandma.

Abigail especially enjoyed playing in my old playhouse. My dad claims he's going to bring it to Ohio for her (so we'll see). It was just too hot to enjoy it for long periods of time.

Playhouse in the background and my ever-energetic daughter running towards her dad:

Running inside Grandma Fern's house. Abigail is a source of entertainment for us all!

Playing in the playhouse:

Playing on Grandma's arcade game (see the friendly Elk and Deer? Abigail loves to pet them!) with her Grandma RoRo (my mom).

Grandma and Elsie play!

Sweet Elsie!

My dad, brother, and Andrew taught Abigail all about the game of foosball. Oh my!

We had such a nice relaxing time. We played lots of games of 500 - ate lots of my mom's wonderful cooking - played at my Grandma's every day - enjoyed family time with my great aunt and uncle - took a tractor ride with my dad - and many other things!

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