Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Trip Part 4

You'll have to forgive me . .. these pictures are a little out of order. I'm still getting used to the multiple upload thing.


Hopefully a cute picture of the baby will help! :)

After stopping in Kansas for my Grandpa's memorial service, we decided to proceed with our vacation plans to Colorado. I call it a vacation in a very loose term. I'd rather call it a trip. Vacations (to me) do not include changing diapers (as much as I like doing that), calming tantrums, letting your child sleep in your bed, etc.

They do include, beaches, reading, eating, and lots of laying around. Maybe I'll take one some day! :)

Until then, I'll take trips with my family - which are very enjoyable!

We stopped at a scenic outlook on our way to Breckenridge for a few shots of our favorite scenery - our kids.

Oh and the mountains are pretty too.

Before driving up into the mountains to Breckenridge (previous pictures) my cousin Laura and her husband Matt were gracious enough to let us stay in their house in Denver after only moving in about a month ago! Thanks so much guys!
We had a fun time playing with blocks, going to the park, playing with their dogs, watching movies, getting in the hottub (the adults), and having a delicious dinner together. They have a beautiful place! It was the only night in our 16 day trip that Elsie slept through the night!

His and Hers coffee makers! So cute and funny! (I especially love their kitchen!!).

That next morning we stopped in Denver and ate breakfast at Lucile's - a Creole restaurant. It was delicious.

Andrew had biscuits and gravy, Abigail (who got the best meal I'd say) had Banana Coconut pancakes with ginger syrup (she has mature tastes - ha!) and I had the Farmers Eggs (yum!). Farmers eggs consisted of sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes all scrambled together with eggs. I'm going to attempt to make it at home sometime.

Pictures from Lucile's

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