Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip 2010: Colorado

After my last trip review post, we had just made it to Colorado. There were many different activites that the family participated in: white water rafting, hiking, the Alpine Slide, etc. The girls and I didn't do most of them (for obvious reasons) but we did visit a lovely children's "museum" (more like a play area) and we went down the Alpine slide.

On the next to last day, a group from our family decided to attempt a "fourteener" . . . meaning a 14,000 moutain hike . . . with no training.

They also didn't take enough water for the hike. My husband didn't end up making it to the very top but he got close. He definitely got high enough for some great views!

This is the group:


This is the Alpine Slide. Andrew took Abigail down and she really enjoyed it. Too bad she won't be able to remember!

Here is a group shot of everyone who went up to Peak 8. Not everyone went down the slide.

Abigail by the stream that ran behind our rental house.

We took a tour of the Country Boy Mine. It was very interesting to learn how difficult the conditioners were for the miners (and children!) who worked there.

A group shot.

I finally got to visit the famed "Schechterville": a little piece of camp group property owned by some of Andrew's family (in his Grandfather's generation).


Jennifer said...

You might be surprised what she remembers. Anna was only 2.5 when we went to Disney World and she remembers seeing the castle and Ariel.

Laura said...

The view from atop a 14'er is like nothing else. I'm glad they tried to conquer one of those! I also enjoyed your last post about your stay with us, but forgot to post a comment down there. We were glad to have you all!

Jaime said...

Thanks for the comments!
@Jenn - that's good to know. I just know that in a few years we'll really do something fun because both girls will remember.

@Laura - I wish we lived closer to you and to Colorado!